It’s real. Everyone knows it.

1. Sufferers have formed the Restless Leg Sydrome Foundation, developed the Nighwalkers support groups, adjusted their work hours, daily commutes, and dietary needs.

2. I read a book about it – discovering that it was genetic and linked to iron deficiency. To my suprise, the research first done on the syptoms were decades old. Long before television and the mass production of pharmaceuticals.

and while on the subject of television…

3. The commercials – for several medications – are now more prevalent than ever. In a time where medications market themselves (instead of relying on doctors, hospitals, and the clinically savvy to do the dirty work) restless leg syndrome’s Requip and Mirapex are all over television. Especially TBS, and maybe USA. Not only do they play, but they play often, once (or dare I say even twice) a commercial break.

May I note here that if you have Restless Leg Syndrome and frequent these stations, you may feel symptoms as a direct result of the stimulating recount of the victim in the commercial. Furthermore, if you haven’t ever felt the pangs of the condition, you do now. Or soon will. Just wait. Consult your doctor for more details on how this condition may affect you.

4. People are beginning to use it to describe behavior other than that of the actual condition. The other day while waiting for the elevator, a couple approached. It was obvious that they had just returned from the gym, and the girl was playfully kicking her boyfriend, innocently shouting Restless Leg Syndrome as the cause for her unruly, uncontrollable urges to lash out at him with her lower extreme ties. Never in my years with these legs have I ever kicked someone citing RLS as the excuse, and everyone should know that after exercise one’s jumpy legs are, well at least for a short while, at rest.