Word of the day: equilibrium
noun \ˌē-kwə-ˈli-brē-əm, ˌe-\
a : a state of intellectual or emotional balance : poise
b : a state of adjustment between opposing or divergent influences or elements

Exactly one week ago, I landed in Bali. Since arriving, I had little time to take in the sites, adjust to the heat, sleep, eat, or blog… but now, the Global Spa Summit has concluded, and – after a bit of sleeping in this morning – I put my feet in the Indian Ocean, had a massage, and at last, a few deep breaths. Tomorrow Molly and I head up to Ubud, to COMO Shambhala Estate, where we will stay for three nights. We visited the property last Saturday evening – the Estate itself has been built into the landscape of the Ubud mountains. Everyone we have talked to has said that Ubud is the heart of island, full of culture and tradition. I can’t wait to get there!

Last night the GSS team and many of the delegates took a trip to Seminyak – which is the party area of Bali. We stopped first at the newly opened W retreat, and I had dinner with friends at a table surrounded a bamboo cage. We called it a lobster trap and others said we looked like little caged birds. After dinner, where we cooked our own salmon on a “hot rock”, we headed to the bars – first a club called cocoon and then another one called the cave. Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I saw a trend! Cage, Cocoon, Cave… for the past week, I have been surrounded by beautiful Bali – still closed in, surrounded, unable to let loose and soak in all in.

But today! Today we had a slow lunch by the beach, a dip in the ocean, and this afternoon, I had my first Balinese massage. My therapist worked hard on my upper back and neck muscles – removing the knots, soothing the tension. As the oils soaked into my skin, I felt myself transitioning to equilibrium.

I am ready for Bali.