Word of the day:
Skelton (noun): definition TBD

So today, Sunday, I am up early. It’s 9:30(am)! Since leaving New York on Tuesday evening, I have had one main objective: sleep. To date, my sleep count is 62 hours in 5 nights. This is awesome.

So back to today, up early, and I find myself in a quiet house. My parents are off to Lancaster, to drop my Grandmother off with my Uncle, and I am here, undisturbed for at least another hour. After making a pot of coffee, burning some bacon, and smoking up the house – I have decided to sit down and work on my final projects for grad school.

But, not until I check Facebook. And it so happens that, today, I needed to ace one of those word puzzles to get in, which is either a sign from above that I should just call it quits or a precautionary measure from the site, some level of security that I don’t really attempt to understand.

I needed to enter the following words: Skelton and Column. Column is easy, I’ve been spelling that since the third grade. Skelton is… not a word. Now, most people might not care but, being the scholar that I am, I stopped to think twice about why these people who make up these puzzles actually choose “words” that aren’t really words. They definitely wouldn’t win Scrabble. Do they want to keep people on their toes? Or just confuse them? Or play a joke on some poor innocent facebooker and make them feel helpless and brainless? (I know I am hinging on the slightly scary/pathetic conspiracy theory here, and no, I won’t go there.)

So I looked it up. (Thanks Google.) And “Skelton” really does actually exist:
– Skelton is a village and civil parish in the unitary authority of the City of York, in North Yorkshire England
– Representative Ike Skelton (D – MO)
– Burges High School standout quarterback, John Skelton
– The world’s greatest clown, Red Skelton

There we go. Mystery solved.