Today’s Word of the Day: contemn
\kun-TEM\ verb: to view or treat with contempt : scorn

I usually don’t sit down on the subway in the mornings, but because two seats opened up before me at Fulton Street I decided, well why not? So I nestled in at the end of the bench, quite happy really.

Amidst the rumbling, I noticed the sound of slow swaying steps and out of the crowds emerged a serious looking cowboy, ready and prepared for anything that the MTA might throw his way. His deliberate steps moved him closer and closer to the empty seat next to me.

Crocodile Dundee? maybe… he did have the miniature-vest look going, he wasn’t very tan, and way to hairy.

Wyatt Earp? maybe… he did have a mustache that mirrored the legendary lawman’s (I was seeing Kurt Russell’s in Tombstone without the sexy factor) and he did seem to possess the ability to contemn the souls of outlaws.

Contrary to Monday’s lapse of complete alertness in the midst of petty theft, I was fully aware of this cowboy as well as the fact that we were sharing limited amounts of personal space and oxygen.

Silently thanking myself for keeping my sunglasses on in the subway today, I decided to, every few seconds glance in his direction. He was reading the New York Times. His big fingers wrapped around paragraphs and brought the words close to his face. The jeans he donned smelled as dirty as they looked, and were partially covered by tall, black rubber muck boots (whether or not he had spurs, I didn’t check). His open vest was host to a walkie-talkie which rested gently against his bare chest, and a red-light contraption was situated on the back of his collar. On his head sat a wide brimmed black western-style hat. A thick set of keys, hung by a metal clip at his waist, splayed every which way across the bench like stubby roots. Every so often he checked the time on a black wrist watch. Where was he going?