So, it’s been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve posted a blog.  260 days.  Therefore, I’ve come to the decision that I’ll pick up right where I left off.

Attending a conference.

Earlier this week, I made my second trip to Aspen, Colorado this month to attend the Aspen Ideas Festival, put on by the Aspen Institute.  Just twenty days earlier, I was running my own conference on the campus of the Aspen, Meadows.  Aspen is an absolutely wonderful place. It’s easy to navigate, has stellar breakfast and deli options and is surrounded by stunning countryside (aka the Rocky Mountains). It is also remarkably clean. Clean smelling, clean looking.  Leaving a smelly, polluted New York for a few days in the crisp mountain air seems like just the place for enlightenment.

Which is what “ideas” fest seems to be about. Kicking things off this evening, we heard from 15 speakers who spoke for two minutes each on their “big ideas”: balancing the work/home conflict, a moral imagination, linking communities through art, technology forming a leaderless revolution, viewing risk as a virtue, finding a way to organize ideas, programming our bodies’ health/wealth/well-being, shooting an ad campaign to solve the environmental dilemma, bringing people together with sports, commercializing ideas, journalism 101 in high schools, learning the “story” behind products, and the need to “lighten up.” Whew.

Participating in just a few sessions this afternoon, I’ve learned (very quickly) that this is an event where I might oftentimes find myself in a room with people discussing topics/trends/IDEAS that I know nothing about.  But, I’ve also learned, that’s the point.

So, what big and bright ideas will fill my moleskin notebook this week? Perhaps, I will [finally] blog about it.