adjective: characterized by refusal to compromise or to abandon an extreme position or attitude; uncompromising

So I’ve recently started going to the gym – again – to the New York Health & Racquet Club across the street from my office. The plan was brilliant really. Instead of joining a gym that was close to my apartment, I joined one close to my office. Once I get up four flights of stairs, I won’t be going back down again, to then walk to the gym, and then run on the treadmill.

Nevertheless, I go, and I run for 60 minutes. Well, run for 15 minutes then walk for 5… until I get back in shape. But I noticed that the treadmill offers its user a speed range of .5 mph to 14 mph. I max out at around 6 mph in order to sustain my pace for a reasonable length of time, so I began to think: is 14 mph really logical to have on a treadmill? can anyone run 14 mph? how fast do animals run? does anything run at 6 mph?

Thanks to the internet, I have recently learned that the fastest speed of a human running was set by Maurice Greene, who sprinted at a speed of 26.7 mph. The highest sustained speed is just over 15 mph which equals a 4-minute mile.

On the slower side is the giant tortoise at .1 mph and the garden snail at .03. The Peregrine falcon travels at 200 mph, which isn’t fair because many things travel faster in air (and water) than on land. I bet the falcon might have a run for it’s money with the chicken, who clocks in at 9 mph.

So what travels at 6 mph? A bumble bee.