I thought Marvin the Martian was trapped in Looney Toones TV or with Tai’s sitting-in-a-classroom-bored-out-of-her-mind notebook drawings from the movie Clueless. But no, a pair of martian Marvin’s live on my apartment building floor.

The past two nights, while returning to my apartment after taking the dog on her 9:30pm bathroom break, I find them in the hallway – halfway between the elevators and my apartment door. They only stand a few inches above the ground and are a bit fuzzier that I had remembered from early-childhood Saturday morning’s but nonetheless, they were there.

These Marvin’s of course are a pair of fluffy, snug bedroom slippers, and aside from the surprise of finding them in the hallway, they were not abandoned. They did not crawl out of the refuse room either. There is a man wearing them! Each time I have seen this man he is talking on his cell phone and each time I’ve seen this man he is wearing fewer and fewer articles of clothing!

The first time he was fully clothed. Today he lacked a shirt. Tomorrow our dog might be going out at 9:00pm, although it might be cutting it close.