So I finally came up with an idea that will bring glorious continuity and connectivity to my blog: Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day. It is perfect. I will start out [each day] with the word of the day, and then elaborate in one way or another – surreptitiously using the word to connect to my subject, thoughts, life, what-have-you.

What is today’s word of the day? Cyberpunk. Oh dear. May I hear that in a sentence please?

Cyberpunk — with its androids and cyborgs and human-electronic networks — almost turns reading into a computer game.

Geez. I would have been far better off with “droid”. If I were to have been the dictionary this Monday morning, I would have at least endeavored to present a word that had been added to the dictionary before the 1980’s. Cyberpunk was officially added to the dictionary one year before I was born – 1983 – the year my parents were married. It refers to a specific genre of science fiction that deals with future urban societies dominated by computer technology…

or an opportunistic computer hacker. Since I have not had the distinct privilege of being a computer hacker (just an honorary member of the tech team) nor have I lived in a future world when Dell and Apple are vicious dictators, I am left with much to connect with. I wonder if Will Smith felt that way when filming iRobot. Although he does have a history with Aliens – which are probably the friends, or maybe distant cousins, of the robots who bullied Wall-e and left him to clean-up trash and befriend a cockroach. Those cyberpunks are not to be confused with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee – who are very, very cool.

MW’s word of the day is delivered right to my inbox. Twice. Same goes for Banana Republic emails. Although I’m not quite sure how it got to be so, I am fairly confident that one day my computer (which will inevitably become smarter than me) may automatically fix this for me. In any case, I digress.

Since I am, many a times, viewing this word of the day on my Blackberry, I have to scroll through a bunch of tags and image links to get to the actual text. Today I made up my own definition before I got to the real one:

Cyberpunk: \ˈsī-bər-ˌpəŋk\
1) a practical joke administered through the internet