Every Monday I receive a Google Analytics blog report. Beside the obvious reasons for receiving it (the fact that I like to know the details of a week’s worth, or 12, blog visits), I feel joyous when I open the report to see a number higher than 0 – similar to the way I felt when receiving graded papers in Geometry class.

Since work has been a bit less hectic than 70 hour weeks and Saturday pit-stops, I’ve taken some time to ponder over things that might have been, well, neglected from March to June… one of them being my blog. Of the 12 people who visited my blog last week, one was from Italy and one was from Belgium. The top sources for my blog are Google (50%) and Facebook (33%). And most intriguing, one the frequent keyword searches which led to my blog was Red Bull Ice Cream. What?

I had worked out this morning, and was tired. So by the time I had gotten to reading this report around 3pm this afternoon, I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out when and why I had written about Red Bull Ice Cream. I thought for a while about my favorite ice cream place off of 4th avenue (on 9th or 10th I think) which showcases such flavors as sweet corn, wasabi and sesame. My favorite is orange creamy which is not a blend of the two, but a mixture of orange sherbet and cream. It’s perfect.

This place didn’t have Red Bull flavored ice cream… and I had a hard time believing that anyone really searched for Red Bull Ice Cream. So I typed it into Google search and my blog was listed third in the results. Ah Ha! I hadn’t really written about it, but just used drink and dairy together in a blog title post – about the movie Knocked Up. Mystery solved.