The city has been a strange place the past few weeks.  It almost seems as though the world isn’t quite right – some star is misaligned with the rest and therefore cooky things start happening.  But then again, it’s New York and people rushing across the street dodging oncoming traffic, crying in doorways, and acting on average a bit strange doesn’t really seem too out of place.

I took the subway three times today and two out of those three times I noticed a man wearing a bandage on his neck.  The first guy, slim and dressed in grey and brown, had two nude band-aids that were positioned parallel to one another, the first starting right where about where his jawline met his neck.  The second guy, wearing a black tee shirt and jeans, was sitting down in the corner seat on the subway, eyes closed.  A stark white patch of gauze was taped onto the side of his neck and also covered his ear lobe.

My immediate reaction was that True Blood, the HBO series was actually real and New Yorkers were being sucked on by vampires.  And ironically enough, the advertisements in the subway car on one of these trips were for the CW series, Vampire Diaries – which I have no desire to see but I am sure it has it’s moments.

So much of entertainment today is fantasy.  True Blood, Twilight, Vampire Diaries – all tap into this mystical notion of the superhuman.  The final movie of Harry Potter debuts to the general public tonight at midnight and, on the walk home (to avoid the subway and any encounters with bandaged men) I ran into Hagrid look-a-likes and girls giggling in Harry Potter spectacles.

I have my own fantasy: getting out of New York.  My sister just moved to West Virginia and a friend from work is heading back to Ohio in just a few weeks.  I have move envy.  I think that if I move away I will be miraculously cured of all that ails me – my frustrations with work, with men, with money, with food, with anything.  By moving somewhere else I will find myself in utter bliss, with the wind blowing lightly and the sun shining brightly.  But I know better.  Wherever you move, whatever moves with you.