I’ve seen all of the Harry Potter movies, but until July 4th weekend, had not read any of the seven book series. I flew up to Martha’s Vineyard to spend the holiday weekend with my roommate Margaret who had been reading the sixth book over the course of the previous (vacation) week. She finished the 600+ page story the day before I arrived and promptly went to get the seventh book. I was lucky enough to have the sixth book gifted to me for the weekend.

Unlike my time spent in the city, which is mostly time at my desk looking at a computer (with two monitors) which pulls the energy from my eyes, the vineyard was perhaps the most laid back place I have been to in quite some time. I finished a hundred pages in several hours and was completely transfixed on finishing the book by the time I left. Not because it was a challenge but because it was (gasp!) fun.

I think my eyes have gotten anxious, sending a Run! Hide! message to my brain when they look at something for too long. It’s probably why I am so inconsistent about writing on my blog… my eyes absolutely refuse to look at a computer again after doing so all day. It’s funny how the TV doesn’t bother me too much, except that I can’t read the guide since my eyes are now fixated in a near-sighted position. I’ll take the time to mention here that my eye doctor told me if I switched careers, and didn’t work at a desk/with a computer, my eyes would go back to being 20/20. I am still trying to decide what I would be when I decided I wanted my eyesight back – I thought about a pilot for a while, but someone brought to my attention that my vision (if not repaired) would make me an inviable candidate. I’ve yet to find something else, but have thought of moving to a place with a weak population of computers, perhaps some tropical island where Verizon fios isn’t wired through sand.

But back to Harry. I’ve since finished the sixth book (that holiday weekend) and the seventh, which served as my nightly fix before bedtime. I felt like I was part of the Readathon and Reading Rainbow, two things which I loved so much during my childhood, much more than David the Gnome. Althought I finished Harry the 7th a little over a week ago, I have re-instituted a little place for books by my bed and have stacked a few novels including my next book The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters (which I received at a bridal shower). We’ll see what comes of this daily habit.