Today’s word of the day: Causerie

\kohz-REE\  noun: an informal conversation, chat; a short informal essay
This morning it was hard for me to get out of bed.  The night before set it up – it was dark, windy, and cold.  Fall rushed in after the sunny labor weekend, smiting the heat of the summer dog days as quickly as one extinguishes a tea light candle.  Last night was also the first night I didn’t let the air conditioning unit run through the night. I woke to my alarm ringing at 6:00am.
Whether or not I have my alarm set, my sleep cycle always intends to wake me at this hour.  Some experts say when you “naturally” wake, you should get up.  I disagree – 8 times out of 10 I am up for at least a few more hours of rest.  This is when the snoozing process begins. 
Let me first say that my alarm clock and I have been a pair since I can remember, since grade school.  It’s design has adapted well over the years and while it’s no “apple,” it has gained my affection and respect as a result of it’s longevity.
Over the years, my alarm clock has resided in different places in my room.   Growing up, it was always to my right, on the bedside table, ready and willing to wake me.  In college, I believe it was on my right, at the bedside table once again, but truthfully, I really can’t remember.  After moving to New York it was right there, until I moved to the financial district. 
At first, the clock nestled into the corner of the window shelf, to my left.  Then, about a year ago, I listened in on a “sleep seminar” in which the moderator strongly suggested putting your alarm clock somewhere when you couldn’t see it, stating that neon lights disrupted the natural ambiance of an ideal sleep haven.  I valued his insight very much since at the time, sleeping wasn’t my champion of exercises.  After that, I moved it to the top of a tall set of shelves situated right next to my bed, and I could no longer “see” it.   
Now, back to the act of snoozing.  At first, when it sounded on the summit of these shelves, I simply reached up to hit snooze – only extending one extremity.  I have since changed the layout of my room around a bit, and the shelf now faces my bed, about three feet away.  The alarm clock still rests on the top, but snoozing now requires a “leap” out of bed.  
This I have learned, is quite possible without really “waking.”  During my snooze cycles, I am impressed by my agility and grace when moving towards the smooth grey button.  And while pirouetting out of bed to hit a button that allows me to sleep for 9 more minutes does not wake me, I think I am more surprised that this continues for about two hours.  The snoozing cycle is a strange one – at times it feels that I have slept for another hour – others a few seconds.  Regardless, my alarm clock is my right hand, always there to [eventually] wake me.