verb: to go back :recede
:to cede back (as a territory)

I have recently discovered that it might actually be nice to make a habit of waking up early on Saturday and Sunday. Usually, on weekend mornings, I can be found, dozing but not quite sleeping, in my bed. 11am is a good hour to get things started. Back in college I could stay stationary till about mid-afternoon.

This past Sunday I was awake at 9 (which is still technically sleeping in, since I wake up anytime between 7:30 and 8 on weekdays). My Mom was coming in to town. She arrived around 10:30am and we promptly set out for brunch at Square Meal. The walk over to 92nd and Madison was pleasant, and our brunch? Even better… the food tasted as fresh as the spring green paint on the wall looked. I had bread pudding French Toast (and a side of bacon of course) and, since my normal breakfast involves a 150 calorie bowl of Special K, let’s just say I needed to walk. So we took a leisurely stroll around the Central Park reservoir and before retroceding to the apartment, tackled the new Fairway grocery store on 86th and 2nd. We were back by 3pm. Whew! (And yes, the Fairway experience is another post.)

Time for a nap.

4pm rolled around and I was back to busy, cooking my lunches for the week with the produce and poultry we found at the Fairway. After a glass of wine and a bit of couch time, we ventured out once again for dinner at Spigalo on 2nd Ave. Keeping quaint, we sampled baked clams and modest bowls of bucatini pasta, mine with tuna and plum tomatoes, my mother’s with assorted seafood in a light marinara sauce. Finished with a blueberry tart.

It’s amazing how getting up just a few hours early seems to make the weekend that much longer. And it’s equally as pleasing that I seem to be able to actually relax on Sunday, and avoid the fret and worry duo until Monday morning. Having Mom around helps.