A few calendar things I thought I would bring attention to:

I have successfully owned a living plant for one year. This is big news considering there has been more than one occasion when I’ve come home from work or vacation and came back to it completely wilted. After a full cup of water and a few hours, the plant rebounds and it’s back to normal once again. I desire it’s revitalization skills – as I would certainly not be able to recover quite as gracefully from a five day water/food fast. Better yet it has bloomed! The single white flower which presents itself (hmm twice a year?) has come into view. Too bad that this Friday I am heading to Las Vegas which…

Marks the date of my first business trip. I am going to Las Vegas for six nights with two of my company’s top executives. This will be my first trip to the strip and I’ll be camped out in the Planet Hollywood, where they offered me a room with a bathtub that overlooks the strip. The conference, which is centered around 6,000 travel agents, gives me the chance to learn a bit more about the travel agent industry and how we can better improve our business rela… the more important thing is, I am going for six nights. Isn’t there a rule about three nights in Vegas is more than enough? Or maybe it’s two?

Which reminds me, shortly after Labor Day I will have reached my two year milestone at work and will be celebrating my two-year-anniversary as a city-dweller – although I still haven’t gotten an official NY ID or changed my phone number to one of New York’s three codes (keeping in mind that Delaware has one). And I don’t dwell so much and rush and run from place to place and go to bed at 10:30 on weeknights, but the Blackberry is part of my entourage and I’ll be the first one to argue that New York is better.