I am proud to say that (after studying my Google Analytics report for the past weeks web tracking statistics on dulciepie.blogspot.com) my blog has had ten unique visitors in one week!

Hopefully I will gather enough visitors to have 50 or maybe even a 100 unique visitors per day, but this will most likely be after, or maybe right before, I publish my first collection of personal essays. This is slated for somewhere between 2010 and 2012, depending on what interesting experiences I may have to write about.

Recent news? Aside from the fact that I have seen Marvin the Martian several times since the evening of limited clothing… a friend’s boyfriend brought me flowers at work to apologize for his behavior to both me and my friend. What’s better was the explanation (well actually the reaction) that I had to give when people asked who my secret admirer was.

Well in reality there isn’t much to share… I’ve also thought of changing the title to my blog. My roommate suggested Count Blogula, but alas it is taken.

Any suggestions? I mean, ten visitors a week – perhaps I’ll get a comment or two!