Five days into January – I forget to write on my blog. Only five days into the blog month challenge, I’ve slipped up.

And speaking of challenges, it seems to me that our society has placed significant responsibility into the hands of “the challenge”, with which it has infiltrated into our television programming, educational systems, corporate offices and so on. Last spring I participated in my office’s rendition of the Biggest Loser, a weight-loss challenge of our own accord which awarded people not only for the most pounds lost, but the percentage of their body-weight. I didn’t win and couldn’t remember their trophy, winning stats or their life “after the show.”

A friend of mine wants to run the New York city marathon. To qualify he needs to run nine sponsored races – 5k, 10k or half marathon. I wasn’t surprised when he said that I should do it to, and I wasn’t surprised that I said I would try. A few months of training in the gym, then a few races a month. Who doesn’t love a challenge?