This is my first blog of 2011 – and I am doing it from my very own, brand-new, MAC! It most certainly makes the top ten list of most beautiful possessions I own, and as my fingertips dance along the keys of the backlit keyboard I feel, almost, like a writer.
Speaking of almost being a writer, I received A’s in both of my classes last semester – a nice, neat 4.0. And, although I have a slight suspicion that grades don’t really matter in a masters’ program, I do find it overwhelmingly validating. Also, the fact that I didn’t have a major meltdown was truly a blessing.
So I am off to a pretty good start, and with my trusty and clever MacBook sidekick I will be unbeatable this year. I’ve already read a few New Yorkers, a Harpers, and tonight I’ll tune into this month’s issue of the Atlantic. Classes start January 25th.
I’m ready.