Word of the Day: beguile
verb 1: to deceive by cunning means
2: to draw notice or interest by wiles or charm
3: to cause (as time) to pass pleasantly

Most of the time the ads in the subway are for movies or alcohol – specifically Absolut Vodka. But this past week I’ve noticed the walls of the 86th street subway station on the upper east side have been flanked with the announcement that a Fairway grocery store is coming to the neighborhood.

This is exciting news indeed. In fact, the first time that I went to a grocery store in New York, I went to a Fairway- the original on the upper west side near my first apartment. I grabbed a cart like any good grocery store patron would and navigated the narrow aisles carefully, adding pastas, produce, and poultry. It was only when I was in the check-out line that I realized I had only my hands as means to transport these items back to my apartment – which was a three block walk. Not to mention the three flights of stairs. The impatient clerk asked me if I wanted delivery service and while I contemplated the ease of such an idea, I finally decided to balance the bags on my arms and, like a loaded workhorse, carry my own weight back home. After that, I only used baskets.

Maybe most people go to the grocery store once a week or, for those of us in the city, possibly twice. Okay maybe three times. Getting just what you need is a city-standard. But someway or another, the stock in the fridge and on the pantry seems to add up. Not only do I buy more than I need (despite my efforts to keep it light) but I opt for Chinese take out or a slice of pizza and leave the fresh stuff in the crisper.

So after last Monday’s trip to Gristedes on 89th, I decided to use as much as I can from my apartment market to beguile my tastebuds before heading to the Fairway which isn’t slated to open until the 20th of July. Tonight I baked salmon and topped with a lentil soup mix from the pantry. Not bad for leftovers.