My office developed their own version of the Biggest Loser TV show, complete with teams and clever nicknames, vote-offs, and the grand prize of a week at a destination spa… airfare included. I’m part of the Hamburglers. Except McDonald’s will be no part of it.

When making up nicknames for each other, I could only come up with something along the lines of “the girl who loves bacon and french fries almost as much as shoes… or maybe more than shoes”.

The first weigh in starts tomorrow. After a hearty dinner of vegetable and chicken stir-fry and a second dinner of Stouffer’s french bread pizza(s)… I’ll plan my water rations for the morning hours. 1 nalgene bottle. As someone at the office said, “it’s not cheating, it’s cunning”.

Last year’s weight loss challenge resulted in a lost of 8 pounds by April. By December I had gained it all back… and a few-extra-pounds buffer to last me through the cold ones. Here’s what helped:

french fries of any kind
real butter (is that a carb?)
creamy soups and salad dressings
chicken salad
gluten… yes beer
Chinese combination platters
midnight pizzas
and many processed foods which I have not mentioned…

My plan is to take the natural approach – follow the foods that work best for my blood type (the book was a fast read on the train home one weekend). And run, to train for the marathon – which if I’m lucky I’ll win the lottery and make the event. Never thought I’d use win the lottery and marathon in the same sentence.

Tomorrow after 12pm… and a water detox.