This past Friday I had to move my desk at work. This is the third cubicle I’ve worked in at this office, and I really must admit that this cubicle isn’t positioned in the best part of the office. Imagine a corner cubicle surrounded by the offices of the higher level executives. Now imagine it without any natural light. Add in an average temperature of “cold enough to use your coffee mug as a source of warmth”.

When my boss asked me how excited I was about the move, I shared my opinion on the lighting concept. I threatened to line the walls of my desk in yellow wallpaper, and our COO suggested aluminum foil. I thought about it for a bit, hoping that in some miraculous way I might be able to get a tan by doing so, but I decided against it. Upon moving in on Friday I set up shop with two lamps and a jade plant. It a plant can live here, I guess I can.

One of my colleagues, who had just started that week, stopped by to ask if I needed anything, and we got to talking a bit about various things and the discussion turned to a Kiwi on my desk.

I started to explain that I’ve had the Kiwi on my desk all week, and whenever I got to thinking about breakfast or lunch I never really wanted to eat it. And the fact is, I had actually gotten this Kiwi at the grocery store two weeks before that and had failed to eat it then. The excuse at the time was “it wasn’t ripe enough” so I decided to bring it home for Thanksgiving. It made the trip home to Delaware with me on Amtrak, safely kept in a plastic bag. On Monday morning, while getting ready to go back to the city, my mom asked me if I wanted to take the kiwi back with me. And back it went to the city, when it sat (in the plastic bag) on my desk for a week until it was shuffled into the dark corner cubicle.

Suddenly, I realized that this poor girl had just listened to my five-minute rant about this kiwi. She was polite about it, and we finished our conversation shortly after. I stuck it out in the dark until 6pm, when I organized my desk, turned off my lamps and tucked the kiwi into my bag to bring home.