My headphones only play music in one ear, and I have been walking, traveling, running, etc. with music in one ear for many months – before August to be sure.

I surprised that I haven’t been more annoyed by it and even more surprised that I’ve gotten comfortably used to my device. I think of them as the opposite of noise-eliminating headphones. The thought has crossed my mind to counter-market this pair of headphones to the percentage of the population who wants to stay semi-alert without looking like they are constantly plugged into their bluetooth. Speaking of marketing, now that I have spent two years learning to think, breath, sleep, and eat (maybe a few other vitals) marketing, and I can’t help but put together an assessment of various advertisements on the subway, streets, and just about everywhere else. I think the most memorable subway advertising campaign was Intercontinental Hotel Group’s Grand Central shuttle ads – which took up more than a few panels. The subway walls were covered in a decals of different geographic locations (think beach, rain forest, urban metropolis) that covered every inch of the car, like giant life size decals for paper airplanes.

On a more somber note, I think one of the reasons that I’ve decided to eventually market my passive aggressive one-sided-looks-like-I’m-intently-listening-in-both-ears headphones is because I work too much. Whenever anyone asks me what I’ve been up to lately, all I can say is I go to work, come home, and go back to work. Someone in the office asked me if I slept at the office last week. Another person told me that they had a discussion with someone on how many minutes of the day I didn’t spend working. I didn’t switch over my rental insurance to my new apartment for seven months because I kept forgetting to call during working hours. The same goes with the Doctor, dentist. I’ve recently decided to go to a food allergist but haven’t made the appointment and probably won’t until I finally decide enough is enough… I’d like to know whether my stomach has caught up with the gluten bandwagon.
However, not all hope is lost in the self-improvement section. I do notice that my ability to “tough it out” has improved since I began my office lifestyle. Today I made it through the entire without my chapstick.