A few weeks ago my boss bought a Wii. She then brought it to the office and it’s become part of the repertoire of conference room technology. Shortly after it was set up she sent an official office wide email announcing the Wii, and it’s introduction into office society would be celebrated through Wii Friday.

Employees were invited to come play the Wii that Friday in blocks of time, one around noon and the other in the late afternoon. Since then, people have made Miis, sounds of the video system can be heard over the ipod, and there is talk of a Wii Tennis Tournament (which should rival the Biggest Loser challenge in terms of blog-worthy material). My boss has even blogged about the “Wii Shoulder” ailment which plagues the players after several intense rounds of 5-game tennis.

I’ve played but I haven’t gotten the moves down and I’m certainly not able to ace the serve each time. I am no means addicted or advanced. The backhand always seems to give me the most problems. As the ball slowly lofts towards me I usually swing too early and my little Wii body swivels around and wobbles like a weeble.

This morning on the subway I found a seat. At Fulton St. the commuters piled on as usual and a tall man in a suit, who reminded me of the crazy alien scientist from Independence Day, grabbed the pole next to where I was sitting. He realized the seat was open next to me and turned to sit down. As he was sitting, mid-squat, the train began to move and he began to topple over. Without realizing it my hand jerked out to shield my body but in a perfect back-hand Wii Tennis move! I knew I did it right, and smiled to myself as the man regained his balance. My shoulder hurt.