I have neglected thee lately. While I progress, somewhat sparingly, on my final essay for workshop, which may or may not be a brilliant commentary on tourism and tourists, I have come across so many things to share!

…Like, for example, the prevalence of cheese in the news. The government now supports more cheese consumption (via dominos) and one lady's relationship with a piece of 150 year old generational triangle of cheese that she nows keeps in her freezer was a spotlight in Harpers. Which reminds me also of an experiment on a McDonald's happy meal, in which one woman left it "out in the open air" for 168 days only to find it relatively unchanged. This brings me to my question of what, exactly, is our society eating?

Also of note is my adventure to Mexico, which was relatively tame as far as gang war goes, except for a momentary panic at the airport where a few dudes tried to usher my sister and I into unnamed vans that were "definitely going to our resort." Rest assured we found our van, which was actually a Navigator, and once settled into our room at the property made many a flip video utilizing the unique features of the room. Who knew electronic blinds could be so entertaining!

And shall I close with a local adventure, which promised to be a genuine gender-balanced singles night at MOMA but proved instead to be a middle-aged-single-women's social hour? Followed by mechanical bull riding? Let's just say I counted myself out of that one.

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