eminently \EM-uh-nunt-lee\ adverb

Meaning: to a high degree : very:

Several weeks ago while running the AC full blast, lights ablaze, and switching on a culprit of a hair dryer, I blew the first fuse in my apartment.

At 9:30pm on a saturday night, one might not expect it to be such an ordeal. One, being me, found an antiquated fuse box with little round fixtures that fit roughly into corroded sockets. I panicked.

My friend Becky and I went on a racing search for these so called "fuses" and by the time 10:30 came and went we had found several fuses but not the exact 15-volt S-type fuse needed to bring power back to my apartment. I googled. Found them on amazon.com. Ships in two days. Not good enough.

Sickened, we returned to the apartment, but not before I had given the door man across the street a $20 bill to find some fuses in his basement. They didn't work either. We gave up, packed bags, and went to Becky's Aunt's apartment down on St. Mark's. I threw up when I got there.

In the morning, the handy man arrived to fix the fuse and all was simplisticly well. I reveled, sheepishly, in the cool air restored in my apartment. And the power stayed eminently well-balanced in my dwelling until this morning.

Today, as I sit here, remembering my strife, I am again without power. This time the power just slipped away – almost unnoticed – as I dozed on and off in the Sunday morning hours. Click. The AC rests.

I'm a pro though, this can be fixed. after evaluating my fuse box, I am alarmed to find that none were broken. Replaced anyway, the socket remains dormant. Panic?

No! I call the landlady and she wishes me best of luck as she says the electrician might not arrive till tomorrow. S'okay. Call to Dad – all is well. My $120 firehouse fan is rigged to cast a gentle breeze in the living room.

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