pre·di·lec·tionpre-də-ˈlek-shən, ˌprē-\
noun: an established preference for something

I have spent quite a bit of time lately on my home computer – partly in thanks to food poisoning from tuna – and have decided I am ready to comment on the wireless networks within range of my apartment building. (Note: today’s word of the day is actually ponzu which is defined as a tangy sauce made with citrus juice, rice wine vinegar, and soy sauce and used especially on seafood. I will not be reflecting on this term for a slew of reasons.)

Last fall I bought a wireless USB modem at Verizon Wireless and the program installed on my computer lists the following other networks within range of my apartment (even though I am unable and, more importantly, unwilling to access them since I am very well capable of connecting to the internet with my own device):

The Ill Flow
Pistachio Kings (my favorite)
Model UN
Mimi Dog
At Least Nine

These are FANTASTIC names. I have left out some which I have generalized as normal, including Home, Rachel, 890C, Tom235, etc. but I am thrilled with the originality of my fellow Upper East Side dwellers and their initiative in actually naming said networks with relevance and wit. Bravo! My predilection for finding creativity in unforsceen places persists.