So… a work week has passed since I left the office and began my work-part-time-enjoy-the-city-to-the-fullest-sleep-in-stay-out-late-revel-in-freedom last month in New York.

It feels a bit like a summer vacation. But instead of staying out, sleeping in and spending my days at the pool, I have been acting rather responsibly.  I head to bed when I feel tired and wake when I’m rested, which has usually been somewhere around 9:45 (yes, A.M.).

But after a few days on the pull out couch, I decided I needed a new place to sit.  With MacBook in tow, I took a trip to my local Barnes & Noble.  I had been on the caffeine wagon for a few days now… and decided the last thing I needed was a concentrated coffee environment.  Well, the cafe on the lower level of the 86th Street B&N is a Starbucks. Go figure.  Enter, willpower.  Passion iced tea and a chocolate chip cookie, please.

I found a little table and chair and, ignoring a slightly passive aggressive table sign instructing me that I was permitted to stay in this spot for only 30 minutes if and only if I was a cafe patron, I sat down and started an essay that has been rolling around in my head for a few weeks.  (I can’t tell you what it’s about yet, because I am hoping that it will be a stroke of genius and a feature in next week’s must see editorial.)

After about an hour (I needed to stay longer than 30 minutes out of principle), I decided that it was time to head home and sit back down on the couch… after just a bit of browsing.  I was standing dangerously close to the towering shelf containing the 50 Shades of Grey series when I noticed a lady in my peripheral vision.  She crept up slowly quickly snatching “50 Shades of Freed” (Really???).  After glancing in both directions, she began moving backwards, as if she were evading a bear with his nose in a campground picnic.


She backed right into the shelf behind her.  New paperbacks.  Within seconds she had regained her composure and was off towards the checkout line.  I smiled to myself as I continued my meandering, until, finally enough was enough. Up the escalator and out the door.  But not before I noticed the 50 Shades Lady at the top.  The alarm had gone off and a security guard was searching her bag.  Ah, I guess the littlest things can’t go unnoticed.