Am on my way home for the Thanksgiving Holiday! And I even caught an earlier train from New York to Delaware. I called the Amtrak reservations number, asked what they could do for me, and they offered a 4:05 departure instead of the original 5:39… And they even offered to hold while I called my Mom to get the credit card security code to… Save $5.00!

Amtrak is my dream come true in situations like these. Having spent my fair share of time at our office's registration desk, I can appreciate how difficult customer service is… and we all know how awful it can be on either end (cough, Verizon). .

For some reason or another there is seems a biopolarity of demeanors around the holidays. On one hand: cheer, joy, warmth, love. On the other: impatience, anger, anxiety, humbug. I was watching the news the other morning and the reporter was sharing the "5 best ways to reduce holiday stress.". What happened to "5 best ways to be happy around the holidays" or "5 best ways to connect the family scattered around the country" or even "5 great gifts under $5"… The pessimism is rampant before it has a chance to cultivate in the consumer petri-dish.

And while we all might, at one time or another, dread traveling and scrambling with millions of others looking to get to point x as fast as they can, I am reminded of the reason why we have holidays in the first place.

Yes, to celebrate our nation, our heritage, history, faith… But to celebrate the good in everyone. And the simple gesture of helping someone get an earlier train can get that going.

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