You could be moving so fast today that you meet up with yourself coming back from where you’re still going.

Most of the time I don’t pay attention to the horoscope portion of my Google homepage, but what? This made no sense to me at 10AM this morning. When I am moving fast, I’m moving fast. Things get done, and done right. (Some mornings I think I should be a testimonial for 5-hour energy via a cup of Earl Grey tea.)

But today, I was working on an HTML email, a subject at which I am novice at best. The design of this email was a bit tricky, as we had more text than space… and the faster I worked to get everything straightened out, and the email “deployed” the more I realized it was never going to get done. But no! At 7pm I realized: Yes, it’s almost there! Only to realize that it looked absolutely stupendous in one browser but more like a fragmented pile of text in another. I was devastated.

It was at that time that my boss told me to go home. So home I went. Along the way I met myself, who said, I told you so.