I’ve been working a lot recently, and working late… as today marks just one month and three days out from the big Spa industry event I am managing at work. The past two Sundays I’ve spent several… many hours in the office and lately I’ve left around 7:30 or 8:00pm on average. I’m certainly not the most hardworking person in the world. There are a few out there who seems to never stop working, but I’ve given myself a bit of credit.

Today was one of my first days back at the gym and I’ve been listening to a book by Bill Bryson on Shakespeare. Since I’ve started listening to my Ipod during my commute to and from work, I needed a bit of a change in what went in one ear and out the other. It was my Dad’s suggestion to listening to a book while at the gym, and surprisingly I liked it. The TV monitor stayed off the entire time, and I found myself concentrating on Mr. Bryson’s narration of the early years of Shakespeare’s life and the different diseases, dyes and discretion of Elizabethan England.

On the days that I head to they gym in the mornings (somewhere between 6 and 6:30) I always feel like the work day is just a bit longer – for one reason or another. Surprisingly, it’s not long in an exhausting or frustrating way while I’m at work. It never feels long until I get home and feel too exhausted to cook, read, write or think.

It’s mid-April and almost as beautiful as mid-April should be. I was lucky enough to leave the office today and even luckier to spend two-and-a-half hours at lunch exchanging ideas with the owner of a five-star luxury resort in Switzerland – who loves pasta. Today I dressed-up, in a professional way and wore brand new shoes. I walked to and from work with my Ipod and took it to the gym – where I learned how many times Shakespeare used the word “sheriff” in his plays. After two-hundred odd emails over 11 hours, two episodes of Law and Order and a staple order of Chinese food I’ve decided to get back to my blog.